Anarchist Code of Conduct


Version 1.0, May 22, 2018, by HoldOffHunger

Section 1 : Introduction

Everyone expects a standard of behavior. And everyone will react to the behavior of others.

This is always true -- whether or not people are working together under a common agreement.

But by having an agreement, at least discussion should be easier.

Section 2 : Table Of Contents

The Anarchist Code of Conduct is organized into the following sections :

Section 3 : What Is Encouraged

Cooperative participation, especially when it is :

Voluntary interaction, especially when it includes :

Section 4 : What is Unacceptable

Degrading, disrespecting, or insulting another person or group of people, because of their :

Harassment :

Unwanted intrusion in public or private atmospheres :

Political, social, or economic domination, such as threatening to or non-consensually revealing another's personal information to the following :

Authoritarianism, or the spread of behavior that is designed to overturn the standards described so far, such as attempts to advance, support, or aid any of the following :

Advocating or encouraging any of the above.

Section 5 : What is Unaccountable

We are one community organization. If your complaint is severe enough, you may need to elevate it beyond what this agreement provides for. You are authorized and encouraged to this if you do not think your complaint can be met with satisfaction.

You may not cite this document as reason, when :

Section 6 : How we Enforce Community Standards

If you witness or experience any violation of this Code of Conduct, you are urged to immediately contact official organizers within the community.

In response to violations of unacceptable behavior, we may respond to the offender as follows :

Section 7 : Licensing of this Document

This document is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. You may find these terms here...

Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License (CC-BY License)

Section 8 : Inspiration for this Document

This document was inspired by a wide number of other materials, and I owe them all my gratitude! Thank you :