Anarchist Code of Conduct

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Anarchist Code Anarchist Code of Conduct

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Политика конфиденциальности :


Версия 1.0, 22 мая 2018 г., автор HoldOffHunger

Секция 1 : Вступление

Каждый ожидает стандарт поведения. И каждый будет реагировать на поведение других.

Это всегда верно - работают ли люди вместе по общему соглашению.

Но при наличии соглашения, по крайней мере, обсуждение должно быть проще.

Секция 2 : Оглавление

Анархистский Кодекс поведения состоит из следующих разделов :

Секция 3 : Вступление

Совместное участие, особенно когда это :

  • включительно,
  • кооперативный,
  • cообщество-ориентированной,
  • активный,
  • тактичный,
  • почтительный,
  • совместный,
  • аутентичный,
  • И когда все эти подходы предпринимаются до конфликта.

Добровольное взаимодействие, особенно когда оно включает в себя:

  • Инклюзивный язык и поведение,
  • Приветственное отношение и подход,
  • Рациональная дискуссия и дискуссия,
  • Подлинный обмен идеями,
  • Распространение полезной или полезной информации,
  • Общественные и построенные проекты,
  • Политический, социальный или экономический прогресс,
  • Идентификация с ориентированной на сообщество причиной,
  • Солидарность и чувство интереса к сообществу.

Секция 4 : Что недопустимо

Унижение, неуважение или оскорбление другого человека или группы людей из-за их:

  • Gender or Gender Identity,
  • Ethnicity,
  • Immigrant status,
  • Religion,
  • Sexuality,
  • Language,
  • Physical appearance or body size,
  • Political opinion,
  • Substance or medicinal use,
  • Disability,
  • Age,
  • Acceptance of any unfavorable or disfavorable group, whether this group is political, economic, social, or cultural.

Harassment :

  • Abuse of any type,
  • Bullying, stalking, intimidating, following,
  • Harassing photographing or filming,
  • Inappropriate physical contact,
  • Inappropriate sexualized imagery,
  • Unwelcome sexual attention,
  • Any persistent and undesired action involving the personal space of another.

Unwanted intrusion in public or private atmospheres :

  • Spam and commercialism,
  • Interruptions based on unrelated or distracting material.

Political, social, or economic domination, such as threatening to or non-consensually revealing another's personal information to the following :

  • An employer or potential employer.
  • A government, an agency empowered by the government, or an agent or police officer empowered by the government.
  • Any censuring organization, such as religious, social, cultural, economic, or political institutions, such as family, friends, churches, newspapers, publishers, radio stations, etc..
  • Any third party without their direct consent.

Authoritarianism, or the spread of behavior that is designed to overturn the standards described so far, such as attempts to advance, support, or aid any of the following :

    Sexism,Racism,White Supremacy (or any ethnic-supremacy),Homophobia (or any sexuality-phobia),Fascism,Genocide,Drug-phobia,Ethnic-, gender-, sexuality-, ableist-, etc., based slurs,Oath-taking or pledge-taking.

Advocating or encouraging any of the above.

Секция 5 : What is Unaccountable

We are one community organization. If your complaint is severe enough, you may need to elevate it beyond what this agreement provides for. You are authorized and encouraged to this if you do not think your complaint can be met with satisfaction.

You may not cite this document as reason, when :

  • Passing or repealing government laws,
  • Hiring or discharging workers,
  • Refusing to cooperate with the investigation of a legitimate, Humans Rights, Non-Government Organization.

Секция 6 : How we Enforce Community Standards

If you witness or experience any violation of this Code of Conduct, you are urged to immediately contact official organizers within the community.

In response to violations of unacceptable behavior, we may respond to the offender as follows :

  • Warning,
  • Temporary ban,
  • Permanent expulsion.

Секция 7 : Licensing of this Document

This document is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. You may find these terms here...

Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License (CC-BY License)

Секция 8 : Inspiration for this Document

This document was inspired by a wide number of other materials, and I owe them all my gratitude! Thank you :

  • Reddit Anarchism Rules
  • Anti-Authoritarian Academic Code of Conduct
  • Geek Feminism Conference Anti-Harassment Policy
  • The Constitution of the Rojava Cantons : Modern, Anarchist Constitution (2014)
  • Workers' Solidarity Movement : WSM Code of Conduct
  • Industrial Workers of the World : Code of Ethics
  • The French Declaration of Rights of Man : Classical, Socialist Declaration (1789)
  • The Citizen Code of Conduct
  • The Contributor Covenant
  • The Tao Teh Ching, by Lao Tzu (400-600 BCE)


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